We recommend you purchase one of the 21 Day Challenges as well as the Big Book of Finesse to get you started on your new journey.

Dash currently only offers coaching and mentorship through her Digital Dash Coaching Program available under the Coaching Tab.

She offers both a 6 week and 8-week program.

First, start on her YouTube channel to figure out what you’d like to work on most then visit her site to see the available introductory courses and eBooks she has available then sign up for her membership program through her website.

You will want to be sure you are apart of her exclusive membership offered through her website Dash Beauty Factory

Access to exclusive weekly and monthly content, challenges, eBooks and courses that will never be available to the public, personal lifestyle content from Dash, as well as exclusive access to shows being created on the Dash TV Network.

Check out all the free content Dash offers on her YouTube channel!

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