We will discuss all things beauty, glam and fashion! Constant tips, beauty sessions, personal product reviews, fashion segments, learning how to pose and amplify your photos and so much more!

I’m going to teach you how to be a boss! We will cover how to create multiple streams and attack side hustles you ca start immediately to start saving money to go towards starting your own business! Let’s get this money girl!

So let’s get to it! Of course, we have to level up your dating life, we will discuss all things related to dating and attracting higher value people into your life. So many different types of content will be covered in this factory, so expect the unexpected!

I will show you how to redefine your new lifestyle, embrace self-care on a new level, and you’ll also get exclusive access to parts of my lifestyle that I’ve chosen to keep hidden! This factory will focus on luxury, travel, shopping & more.

Within Dash diaries we are gonna keep it real! Here we will discuss intimate & personal topics and you will receive the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask most!

I like to think that I have eccentric music taste! I love all genres. In this factory you will receive Updated Playlists biweekly for every mood of your level up journey!

We will tackle a major lifestyle change that Dash recommends for all women! Our health matters most and we want to be sure we are giving ourselves love and putting proper nutrients in our bodies. There will be healthy alternative meal segments & recipes, cook with me segments, videos of my personal workout plan, a showing of things I do to stay in shape, and so much more! We will address feminine intimate health and we will also address cosmetic surgery. There are major plastic surgery tips I have that will help you understand things you must do to maintain and get the best out of cosmetic surgery results. I’m excited to share these things with you in this factory.

We are gonna take it back to where it all began! If we can’t address things that helped us become the people we are today then how can we every expect to be successful. Here we will discuss personal development, inner work, spirituality, becoming the divine self, living in love & more.