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Dash Beauty Factory


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It’s time to let go of basic and boring and level up, babe! I believe that any girl can be an It girl if she decides that she wants to be, but you have to understand yourself before you can get where you’re going. Im here to tell you that you CAN have it all, you can run a six figure business and attract a successful man that wines, dines, provides and protects! I broke the code & now my passion is using my star power to help others shine. Allow me help you polish yourself to discover and explore the gorgeous jewel within.


With my 1:1 coaching, you’ll get a full assessment of what you should focus on to help you succeed and a path to get you from where you are to where you want to go. Together we’ll uncover your ideal style for the life you deserve; we will tap into The Elite Woman that’s been hiding inside, and help you give yourself permission to unleash the icon I know you are! You wouldn’t be drawn to me if you didn’t have the energy of an icon honey! Whether you need a guide for fashion and expression, an extra dash of glam to your daily routine, a serious dating reality check and upgrade, a business plan that leads you to six figures or just a friend that can help you see and become the best version of yourself, I am the one you need to remind you of WHO you are and show you how to upgrade your life from #Basic to Boss.


I know exactly where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go because I’ve been there, and now I’m here. I can get you from there to here, but first, we’re going to get real together. I’m going to be more authentic with you than anyone has ever been with you in your life. You’ve gotten the same advice repeatedly and keep doing the same things and getting the same results. That changes now!


If you want a better life, it starts with a better you. I see you. I know who you can be, and I’m ready to help you get there. I’m passionate about helping you shine and get what you want for your life, starting today. Are you ready to take this journey and build a better future for yourself? Let’s go, honey!


Dash Preistley is a best selling content creator of several digital books and online courses created to teach women all over the world how to date, redesign their lifestyles and how to ultimately become and live as the most superior form of themselves.

As a dating coach, feminine lifestyle strategist, and exciting television/social media personality, it’s Dash’s purpose to use her voice and unique message to teach women how to stop settling for the bare minimal in every aspect and boost their access in the worlds of both dating & business.

She teaches women from all paths of life how to become fashionable, feminine, confident, direct and bold in order to create the lifestyle of their dreams!