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Dash Beauty Factory

1-on-1 digital Coaching

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Within 3 days of booking you will receive a text from Dash with time options & the link to your intake questionnaire prior to your first call! It is very important to pay attention to this! Also please read this entire description.

Payment plans are available using Shop Pay or Sezzle at checkout.

Below are step by step directions on how The Digital Dash works:

Step 1: The service is purchased by you, your initial intake information which you will receive a link to after purchase is sent back & received, and your first zoom video call with Dash is scheduled so that she can fully get to know who you are and how she can best help you! 

Step 2: Seven days after your first call, you will receive a follow up call from Dash or a Dash Doll team member & we will get you signed into your personalized digital coaching program. Your program will be designed into either 3 or 5 dynamic course modules covering the areas of your life that you specifically need coaching in. These modules will drip out to you over a course of either 6 or 8 weeks, (based on the coaching option you chose) so that we can spend time working on each individual area. Your modules will cover several realms related to your world in the sense of lifestyle, dating, business, personal development, fashion & style & more. Each of these modules created for you are designed to create a specialized 1 of 1 coaching experience between you and Dash so everyone’s program is different. 

Step 3: Over the course of six weeks or eight weeks (once again based on the coaching option you chose) starting from the date you received your login for your personal modules that Dash created for you, you will receive a weekly check in text & at week three your first scheduled check in call. These texts allow Dash to continually be there for you, stay on top of you completing the work needing to be done and of course help you master the transformation process. The call allows her to discuss several things she’s created for you in the background or you moving through your modules. At the beginning of your 6th or 8th week your prescheduled checkin video call will take place.

At the end of the six weeks you will undergo a digital assessment, if you pass this assessment then you have fully conquered your personalized Digital Dash coaching program and will be ready to take on and maintain the new lifestyle that you have created!

As a bonus any extra calls needed will only cost $30 per session for 25 minutes! 

If you sign up for 3 modules but in turn need 5 after your initial intake Dash may recommend you invest in the 8 weeks rather than the 6. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at  (404)-390-1898

Coaching is only open to a certain number of students monthly so that Dash can be sure everyone receives the experience and help that they need!


Dash Preistley is a best selling content creator of several digital books and online courses created to teach women all over the world how to date, redesign their lifestyles and how to ultimately become and live as the most superior form of themselves.

As a dating coach, feminine lifestyle strategist, and exciting television/social media personality, it’s Dash’s purpose to use her voice and unique message to teach women how to stop settling for the bare minimal in every aspect and boost their access in the worlds of both dating & business.

She teaches women from all paths of life how to become fashionable, feminine, confident, direct and bold in order to create the lifestyle of their dreams!