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Shani Preistley

The Level Up Guide To Self Care

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This guide is your comprehensive roadmap to a higher, healthier, and happier you! Elevate your well-being with this expertly crafted guide designed to empower you on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

🌟 Unlock Your Full Potential: This guide is your passport to unlocking the untapped potential within you. Discover practical strategies and proven techniques to take your self-care routine to new heights. Whether you're a self-care novice or a seasoned pro, this guide is tailored to meet you at your current level and propel you forward.

🌿 Holistic Approach to Wellness: Level up your self-care game with a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. From mindfulness exercises to nutritional tips, fitness routines, and stress management techniques, this guide provides a 360-degree view of well-being. Achieve balance and harmony in every aspect of your life.

🚀 Goal-Oriented and Actionable: Set and achieve meaningful goals with our actionable steps and customizable self-care plans. This guide isn't just about theory – it's a practical tool that empowers you to implement positive changes in your daily life. Watch as small, consistent actions lead to transformative results.

Embark on a transformative adventure with this Level Up guide, your key to a more vibrant, resilient, and fulfilled life. Elevate yourself, one self-care practice at a time.


Dash Preistley is a best selling content creator of several digital books and online courses created to teach women all over the world how to date, redesign their lifestyles and how to ultimately become and live as the most superior form of themselves.

As a dating coach, feminine lifestyle strategist, and exciting television/social media personality, it’s Dash’s purpose to use her voice and unique message to teach women how to stop settling for the bare minimal in every aspect and boost their access in the worlds of both dating & business.

She teaches women from all paths of life how to become fashionable, feminine, confident, direct and bold in order to create the lifestyle of their dreams!